Brian Newell is a Brooklyn NY based Mastering Engineer.

Originally from Saratoga New York, Brian is the son of two music teachers and has always carried a passion for music. It is through this love of music and technology that lead him to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Sound Recording Technology through the Tönmeister Program at SUNY Fredonia. In 2013, he moved to New York City to continue post collegiate education through internships and real world experience. His working credits over the next three years include interning, assisting, and engineering at some of the finest studios in NY such as The BunkerDowntown Music Studios, in addition to assisting for Michael Angelakos of Passion Pit, all while freelancing and striving to never stop learning his craft. In 2016, he began his mastering assistantship under the tutelage of Rich Morales of Super Fine Audio. During this time, he studied the nuances and art of audio mastering as he also designed his own bespoke audio hardware to give a completely unique style to his workflow. This has led him to a deep and unequivocal understanding of technology and musicality in audio mastering.

His ethos is to let music speak for itself.

The most important part of mastering is to let the artists message and intention be at the forefront. No gimmicks. No hype. Nothing but the truth in music. This is achieved by a combination of equal parts technical and musical prowess coming together to deliver a harmoniously balanced result through the mastering process.