After building several studios in NYC for commercial and professional use, I have used my experience to incorporate a unique blend of digital and analog processing. This allows me to bring a tailored balance of tools to get the job done.


- Metric Halo A/D/A

 - Grace SDAC Reference D/A

- THX AAA 789 Headphone Amplifier

- Audeze LCD-X

- Yamaha MSP7 Studio

- Avantone Mixcubes

- TC Electronic Clarity M


 - Custom Mastering Transfer Console

- Analog MS Matrix with Width Control

- Custom Don Classics 250EQ with APP-992 V2.1 DOA's

- Foote Control Systems P3S Mastering Edition

- Custom Mogami cabling with Gold Neutrik connectors


- Mac Pro / 32GB RAM / 8 Core

- Pro Tools 11.3.1

- Logic Pro X

- Reaper

- Metric Halo 3D

Plugins From

- SoundTheory

- DMG Audio

- T-Racks

- Brainworx

- Tokyo Down Labs

- Izotope