Brian Newell is a NYC audio specialist, offering Technical Services to the greater NYC Area.

Technical Services:

Audio Mastering: Specializing in mastering for digital distribution, he leads Lucky Cat Mastering as the owner and Chief Engineer. With over a decade of experience and hundreds of releases, he is committed to ensuring your music is set for release with unparalleled service.

Audio Consultation: Whether you're a home studio looking for gear advice or a company looking to integrate Atmos workflows, Brian has experience and proven solutions to meet the most demanding and creative environments.

System Build and Integration: Every studio starts somewhere. Whether you are looking for a full system build out, or additional audio panels, specialty cables or speaker mount and installation, I have experience with dozens of studios and understand the complex needs for audio in every environment.



Audio Excellence since 2010

"My goal is bring your ideas to life with outstanding service.

As an engineer, my ethos is to let the music speak for itself by letting the artist intention be at the fore front of music. Mastering allows the artist to have their music polished before distribution, and being released to the world

As a technical project manager, I enjoy the challenge each installation has to offer. My years of experience in recording studios provide a unique perspective not many others have. I lean on my problem solving skills and find solutions that fit the needs of the job. This is present in my work to bring artists, engineers, and clients ideas to life.

Reach out for a quote, consultation, or contact me with any questions. I'm always happy to help!"