Hi There,

Here you will find the signal flow, MTC Abstract presented at the Custom Gear Show during the 145th AES convention, some photos, as well as links to where to purchase PCB's. External Parts list (ELMA switches, knobs, additional B.O.M., etc.) are excluded just to keep things streamlined, but I would be happy to link the information on request! The purpose of this page is to inspire as well as educate while providing a little more information behind the genesis of this Transfer Console.

Special thanks to Wayne Kirkwood for his wonderful design as well as answering any questions that I had, to Mark Thorsell with ELMA for being patient and knowing what I needed before I needed it, and to Jon Clarke for letting me pick his brain throughout the process and for his support!

Any other questions you may have on the build, its use, or how it will positively affect your music? Please don't hesitate to contact me!

Signal Flow: MTC Signal Flow (PDF)

AES Paper: MTC AES Paper (PDF)

General Forum to Discuss Builds: ProAudioDesignForum (Link)

MTC-IGFO (Input, Gain, Filter, Output): Bare PCB (Link)

MS II (Second Generation Mid-Side Matrix): Bare PCB (Link)

Mastering Insert Switcher: Bare PCB (Link)

Power Supply: Meanwell P25A14E-R1BU (DISCONTINUED)

New Power Supply: Meanwell GP25A14E-R1B

Voltage Regulator for Insert Relays: Velleman K8042 (Link)