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After submitting payment, you will be redirected to a secure uploading site, or have the option to paste a link. You do not need to use or open a PayPal account to submit a song.

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Welcome to the Submit page!

Here you can Submit your song to be mastered. Please read this first before submitting your song. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Formats: Options available are Streaming/Digital (included), CD, Vinyl, DDP, and more depending on your needs. Every project will receive a Hi Resolution WAV file at the native sample rate for streaming/digital distribution. Properly dithered 16/44.1 masters are also available upon request. Not all distributors accept sources above 16/44.1 however, if available, it is recommended to use the highest resolution possible.

DDP: If you are choosing to create CD's, a DDP file is highly recommended. In order to create a DDP, I will need a little more information and will follow up with you in order to make sure everything is accurate.

Needed Information: ISRC (for each song) - UPC/EAN - Track Name - Album Name - Album Artist - Genre - Track Order - Pre Gap

Vinyl: If you are choosing to press vinyl, a Vinyl Pre Master is recommended to ensure proper playback and ideal fidelity. A separate master allows for the cutting engineer to do their job, while not being constrained by the limitations of a louder master for other methods of distribution. This takes into account Vinyl's limitations and tendencies while still maintaining the balance and musical impact of your songs.

Rush Service: If you need your master within 2 days, there will be an additional 50% charge to your invoice. 

Alternate Mixes: These separate files are other mixes in addition to the main mix, which can include instrumentals, a cappella, TV/Radio mixes, vocal up/down, and more. Please let me know if there are any alternate mixes, as any versions with a varying balance may require different processing, and can incur additional fee's.

Additional Information: Please include any other relevant information to aid in the mastering process. The goal is to get your music to sound just the way you want it to! This includes references, either limited versions of mixes or similar artists sound you enjoy, track list, due dates, last album you listened to, artists you enjoy, etc!


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